Well here’s another picture of me. I know what you’re thinking…”It’s time for Patrick to start taking pictures of other people!” And you are correct! So that’s coming in the near future. But for now, you’re stuck with my new favorite self-portrait.

Photography as a Cure for the Blues

I’ve discovered another reason why I love photography: it is great therapy. The week leading up to this photograph was mired in uncertainty and stress, as I discovered that my plan of going to South Korea to teach English with an awesome lady friend might fall through.  Feeling low, I turned to my camera and started coming up with ideas for a shoot. I have a collection of old film cameras, and have always wanted to use them as a prop. As the sun set on a beautiful, clear, fall evening, I set up my home-made beauty dish with a Nikon SB-26. Sunlight beamed through the open door  just at the right moment, and within 5 shots, I had it. The excitement I got from making an image I loved was the cure for my blues!

Photoshop Edits

For anyone interested, here’s a “before Photoshop” image, highlighting some of the post-processing I did on this image to get it to look the way I wanted it to.

  1. Moved sun and paintings downward into the frame.
  2. Removed light switch and added lens flare with Knoll Light Factory.
  3. Smoothed skin, burned and dodged face, and corrected local skin colors.
  4. Fixed messed up hair!
  5. Replaced arm because the lighting didn’t make sense after I changed out my legs.
  6. Changed out legs because the bottom of the shoe thing isn’t my kind of deal.
  7. Darkened couch a bit.
  8. Overall color adjustments were made with Curves, and I added contrast using a channel mixer black and white adjustment layer set to soft light at 10% opacity.
Any questions? I’m happy to answer in the comments below!